The Blushing Mermaid Travels To The Island of Nerium

Welcome back ye lily-livered sons of lesser men! Let’s dive back into the adventure!

After a short, uneventful voyage of a few days The Blushing Mermaid came to the island of Nerium.

Nerium was an Imperial province, which meant it was a dangerous place for pirates to spend much time in. The empire’s stance on piracy was simple: crucifixion. Spending too much time in Nerium was out of the question and keeping a low profile a necessity. Which was not always the easiest thing to do at the best of times.

Captain Gorjas decided that after one of our last imperial run ins, making berth at the docks of Nerium City might not be in our best interests. We dropped anchor around a corner that was out of view of the city and made landfall from the boats to enter the city from landside.

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Inside the pouch was a bagful of beautiful pearls, a handsome sum!

Here we go again my pirate friends!

I rejoined Manngu as I walked back down the path from the meeting on top of The Watchmen’s Wait, looking inside the pouch given to me by the elven prince.

Inside the pouch was a bagful of beautiful pearls, a handsome sum!

“Well, what do ya have ta tell me?”, the deadlocked witchdoctor asked, “Did ya meet up wit da boogeyman himself?”

I laughed at Manngu’s jest, a laugh I needed to help clear my head for the story I was about to tell.“A nobleman named Andaris wants to hire the Blushing Mermaid to seek a treasure he has come into knowledge of. He has given me a list of names of people who have clues to its location and a hefty down payment.” All of which was the truth, if not all of it. I handed the bag of pearls to Manngu for appraisal, whose eyes widened slightly at the sight of the treasure.

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The Question Had To Be Asked…”I am A Pirate After All!”

“And if I should accept your request, what’s in it for me?”.

The question had to be asked, I am a pirate after all.

The handsome elven prince smiled at the question, “You are very much like him, a pirate to your core. I am the crown prince of my realm, a title that affords no small amount of resources. What would you ask in return for your service?”

I considered his question carefully before answering, “My and my crew’s weight in gold, and a ship custom built for me.” The request was ridiculous, but was a good place to open negotiations as high as possible in my favor.

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The Elusive Elven Man Makes An Appearance In The Pirate World

Welcome back to the adventures of the Blushing Mermaid!

So we had a little bit of a hiccup at our session, where our game master’s fridge had a break down. He had his food in a couple of ice chests. I felt bad for him so I hooked him up with the number of an appliance repair service I had used in the past.

“I apologize for the lack of information regarding who it was that summoned you to this late meeting, I will explain the reason for the secrecy and all else.” “I would certainly appreciate that”, I said sarcastically as I waited for his story, “how do you know me?” “My name is Anderis, Prince and protector of the undersea realm of Gathanor”, the elven man bowed in introduction.

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Blushing Mermaid Brings In The New Year with a Swish of Yer Fin!

Ahoy there, ye scurvy ridden pack of ingrates!

Welcome back to the adventures of the pirate crew of the Blushing Mermaid!

So we got to have another role playing game session, which means I get to share the ongoing adventure with you once more! To get caught up and refreshed with the players, characters and story so far, make sure to check out my last 5 posts!

And so without further ado, let’s jump back into the action!

When last we left off, my character Dagger was headed to the top of a cliff called The Watchmen’s Wait that overlooks the port city of Venderas to make a mysterious meeting with someone who knows more about her than she’s comfortable with…I (Dagger) continued up the path toward The Watchmen’s Wait, which was the location of an abandoned lighthouse and lookout station used in times past to spot incoming invaders.

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Adventurer’s tale of the daring crew of the famed and feared

Ahoy, me Hearties! Welcome back to our adventurer’s tale of the daring crew of the famed and feared pirate ship, The Blushing Mermaid!

Before we get started on our adventure…

I have to say a big thank you to Jennica, my friend from high school who just got married the other day! I was one of Jennica’s bridesmaids in the wedding, which was so beautiful! I wish Mark could have been one of the groomsmen so he could have been with me! After the wedding we skipped the traditional wedding reception and instead had a night in the city, riding in a party bus that was awesome! Jennica was so beautiful!

Blessings you two!

Back to the adventure! (read the last post to catch up with Dagger and the Crew’s story!)

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Ho there me lily livered scallywags!

Welcome back for more of the adventures of our band of sea faring miscreants, the crew of The Blushing Mermaid!
Check out the previous posts for a chance to know why our pack of thieves is currently hiding from the Island’s soldiers in a dimly lit alleyway!


After waiting a few moments to allow the passing squad of musket wielding soldiers to get far enough away, we (Dagger, Kerrick, Click and Manngu) made our way through a few side streets to another tavern we had visited before called “The Eye of the Storm”.
A much lower key tavern than the Sea Serpent’s Fang, “the eye” as most people called it was frequented by thieves, prostitutes and other such shady types. The place was kept from getting out of hand by the reputation of the establishment’s owner, a friendly old guy called Adris. Adris had been known to calmly and expertly stab people in the heart that caused trouble, then have their body disposed of quickly. This had earned the “the eye” a rep for being a tavern that was relatively peaceful (hence the name, Eye of the Storm) and yet still fun. People who became angry with each other were encouraged (and sometimes forced by other patrons) to take their problems outside, which turned out to be best for everyone.

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Pirate Adventures from the Crew of The Blushing Mermaid

Welcome back to the Pirate Adventures of the crew of The Blushing Mermaid me mateys!

Note: Before we get in to the action, I thought I would share a random thing. It really, really stinks to come home to a broken refrigerator after not being home for a few days! It must have perished just after the last time I was home because I had a few rotten things that wouldn’t have been like that in a very short period of time. Mark called a guy he knows that runs an appliance repair business for me who was able to get it back into working order. I’m writing this instead of going to the store to re-stock my fridge!

Make sure to read the last post to get caught up with our heroes on the high seas!


The massive blonde Viking warrior swung his sword again and again in great arcs at the daring rogue Kerrick as he danced out of the way and deflected the powerful blows with apparent ease. As the huge, armored man stumbled after a missed swing, Kerrick used the opportunity to slap the flat side of his thin and sharp blade against the Viking’s leg which caused him to trip. The mountain of a man fell into another close by table, spilling drinks and knocking people sprawling. Which started a good, old fashioned bar brawl.

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Pirate Games Gone Wild

Avast ye bilge drinking, scurvy ridden, flea bitten sons of a codfish!

So we started the game! For more info, (and to know what the heck I’m talking about) see my last post.

The game began at night during a massive storm at sea, with The Blushing Mermaid being tossed about on the waves and in danger of sinking! What a way to start!

Rolling the Dice

We each had to roll some dice to see if we were able to remain on our feet during the ship’s swaying and pitching. I rolled well, so Dagger managed to hold onto the main mast as she shouted orders to the crew over the sound of the crashing waves and wind. The ever-charming Kerrick also rolled well and grabbed onto a rope, swinging out over the sea and laughing like a madman. He was actually enjoying the storm!

Drunken Sway

Brandon’s character, the dwarf named Click, was also laughing and somehow managed to keep his footing without the need to grab onto something. His drunken swaying was somehow matching the ships movements exactly, allowing him to not even spill his mug as he kept an eye on Dagger to make sure that she was safe.

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A new way to be a pirate!?

Hey there ye landlubbers! I’m going to take a break from writing in pirate-ese for now and let you know something that my new boyfriend introduced me to, pirate role playing games! It’s a little nerdy, and requires a big imagination (somethin’ this fine pirate lass has an excess of matey!) but is cooler than what I thought!

What is Pirate Role Playing?

Most people think of role playing games played around a table with other people (instead of an online video game) an activity for pimply, social outcast weirdos. But really some of the people I’ve met that do it are pretty cool, and funny! Okay, so it all begins with the game master, in our case a big bearded guy named Steve that Mark (my new hot guy), has known for years. The game master is kind of like a narrator and referee rolled into one. He describes what is going on for the players and portrays all of the people and monsters in the imaginary world that our characters live in.

So Mark and I went to Steve’s house the other night to make our characters with the other two players, Brandon and Mike, who are friends of Steve and regular gamers.

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